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If you have a cavity in one of your back teeth, also known as your molars and premolars, the dentist may suggest a metal or amalgam filling. These fillings are tough and can stand up to the pressure that these teeth use to chew your food so that you can digest it. But if a cavity develops on your front teeth, you will want a filling that can’t be easily spotted by other people, but still keeps your teeth healthy.

In such a case, our dentist, Dr. Narinder Mahal may suggest a tooth-colored or composite filling. While a composite filling is not as strong as metal or amalgam, it is still very durable, bonds directly to your tooth and best of all, can be shaded so that it blends in with the rest of your tooth, making it virtually unnoticeable. So, composite fillings are used for teeth that are prominent in your smile, and do not receive much pressure.

Composite fillings are made from a mixture of powdered glass and plastic. It takes longer to get composite fillings than other types, since they are placed in layers, and each layer must be cured with a special light before the next layer can be placed. When the last layer has been cured, the dentist will polish the filling to help it blend in with your tooth, and to strengthen it.

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