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How often do you find yourself in need of a dental bridge? Dental bridges, also known as fixed partial dentures, are typically applied when you have lost or missing teeth that need effective and permanent prosthetic replacements. As with dental bridges, zero food restrictions will occur, as they are durable enough to allow you to enjoy all foods as you once did.

One of the key benefits of dental bridges is the fact that they can reverse oral health ailments associated with missing teeth. Not only can they help restore your dental profile, but they can help correct issues associated with impaired chewing, eating, and speaking skills. Furthermore, dental bridge treatments have been shown to help restore bite stability and provide space maintenance so tooth slippage cannot occur. Once dental bridges are firmly in place, they can provide decades of support before repairs or replacements may ever be needed.

It’s entirely possible that if you do not replace missing teeth, you will also be at an increased risk for tooth decay. Although the same lines, it is because plaque and bacteria can become prevalent in the safe zones left behind by the void where the missing teeth once were. In this void, plaque and bacteria can continue to manifest and can often be difficult to wash away. Over time, it will slowly increase your risk of dental erosion and cause damage to nearby teeth and gums. For better oral health, seek out treatments such as dental bridges.

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