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If you’ve ever raised a child, you might know that there are several things you should consider doing to help their smile stay healthy and strong. For example, you’ve probably heard that you should help your child brush and floss, but do you ever wonder if your child’s smile is developing properly? While every smile is different, there are a few general guidelines you should expect your child to follow.

For instance, your child will probably start getting teeth when they’re between six and ten months old. Their last tooth will probably erupt before they’re three, but many children’s last tooth comes in before they’re two.

Your children will usually lose their teeth in the same order they come in and they should start losing their teeth when they’re about six years old. However, please visit our team if your little one loses their first tooth before they’re four and a half. Baby teeth are important because they’ll help your child’s adult teeth come in properly. If your child doesn’t start to lose their teeth by the time they’re eight, we recommend contacting us.

If you’re interested in hearing more about when your little one’s teeth should come in, or if you have any more questions about protecting your child’s oral health in Sacramento, California, we invite you to give Land Park Dental a call at 916-421-2200. Our dentist, Dr. Narinder Mahal, and our team look forward to receiving your call.